The most creative agency has arrived in Cape Town

12 February 2017 / By Peter Vee

Simply put, we have now opened a physical office in Cape Town. For some having a hot desk is convenient and sufficient. For us it would never work. We wanted to create a space in Cape Town that we could make our own, a space where creativity could flow like a single-origin espresso. Being the most creative agency (in our minds) we needed a place that felt like ours and not a borrowed desk in somebody else's office.

Communication is key

Being a small agency, we see communication as a key aspect of what we do to retain the title of “most creative agency”. This means if communicating a concept to a client in our creative playground will help them understand our thinking then that's clever communication. For us communication is important because that's what design is at the end of the day... visual communication. Also the lack of communication is the cause of so much breakdown and misunderstanding and we want to avoid that at all costs.

Come visit

Please see this as an open invitation to visit our offices for a coffee, Jeuce, photoshoot or even an African burrito with fellow forward-thinkers. We're situated at 302 Albert Road in Woodstock. Visit our website for directions or to get in touch.

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