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14 August 2018 / By Peter Vee

From time to time you meet someone and get the feeling that they possess that spark. You know, the spark that could set the world alight. This time, the spark was only nine years old with a dream to clean up the beaches of the world, starting in Cape Town. A coffee later and a stack of handwritten notes with his "business plan" on, Rocco's pitch had me at hello! I knew that I wanted to work with him.

I'm a firm believer that any idea has a place, no matter how erroneous or unachievable it might seem... to the person who came up with the idea. I'd go as far as to say that the greatest "box" to our creativity is the fear that others will think the idea is silly. The world is filled with mediocre designers and people who paint within the lines because of bad experience. I constantly try and encourage all ideas in my agency, no matter how silly they are perceived to be. Creativity that is given space is bound for greatness. The song 'Creep' by Radiohead that rocketed the band to rock stardom in the 90's was a joke at band practice. Nirvana's hit, 'Smells like teen spirits' that has broken records to this day too was an experiment and a spark of creativity that was given some space.

I met with Rocco and his mother in a small coffee shop along the coastline of Cape Town one Friday morning. I was open to meeting with Rocco as I had been told a bit about his dream from his mother. He came prepared, dressed for the occasion, hand written notes and a dream in his heart. He went on to explain how passionate he was for nature and keeping the beaches of the world clean. I let him run free as he explained every part of his dream down to the smallest detail. My part was easy, I asked a few questions to encourage some creativity and to set his mind into dream mode. It was there that The Future Kids project started to take shape.

As an agency we developed the brand identity and put together some digital marketing elements to help set this brand on the right path. We characterised the star of the brand by illustrating a penguin that could be the public's hero in cleaning up our beaches. Rocco expressed his love for penguins and wanted the brand to be all about cleaning the beaches and saving wildlife affected by pollution. We launched the brand online with an informative easy to use website that explains Rocco's dream and allows members of the public to get involved. This was the first phase of the project with plans to roll out further steps and initiatives to raise awareness and spark some action to help clean up our beaches.

It is ideas like this that can change the world. Ideas without action are merely dreams disappearing into nothing. Our aim with this is to try and encourage more young people to dream, think innovatively and start by taking small steps towards making a difference.

Fast forward six months and The Future Kids have taken the dream a few steps further. Three clean up days already behind them with a massive 300kgs of waste already removed from the beaches, this is only fuel to the fire. Rocco's dream is now alive and in action.

Get involved:

Visit the Future kids website today at and get involved in whatever way you can. Hopefully one 10-year-old's dream will help spark innovation in your bones and the dream to see your ideas come true.

The next cleanup is on the 19 August 2018. If you would like to join or get involved in this initiative as a business, please visit to contact Rocco.

Article source: Bizcommunity

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